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who is vivian jones

Born in Trelawny Parish, Jamaica in 1957, Vivian Jones relocated to England at the age of ten to join his parents who had emigrated there a few years earlier. They lived in and around London, moving between Willesden, Alperton and Harrow, with Jones becoming increasingly involved in the local reggae scene as he grew up. 


By the mid-1970s he began performing with sound systems, initially as a deejay. Soon after, Jones became a member of several bands including The Spartans, The Doctor Birds, Mighty Vibes and Pieces; where his love for the stage grew. 


Branching out in 1980, Jones began to record his very own solo project which produced the hit "Good Morning" (actually a remixed recording by the Mighty Vibes), that topped the UK reggae charts. The following year, he was voted 'Most Talented Singer' in a poll for Black Echoes magazine and with a series of consistent hits, his popularity spread across the seas to Jamaica. Jones journeyed to Jamaica to embrace the love his music was receiving and took the opportunity to record some material out there. 

1984 saw his debut album Bank Robbery where he went onto work with Jah Shaka and the two ended up collaborating on the Jah Works album, which was released in 1987. He also recorded in Jamaica for producers such as Bobby Digital and Junior Reid and recorded duets with Sylvia Tella, Debbie Gordon, and Deborahe Glasgow. 


In the 1990s, Jones’ flexed his entrepreneurial muscle and set up his own Imperial House label and became known primarily for his lovers rock material, enjoying big hits such as "Sugar Love" and "Strong Love", but also recorded more roots-oriented music with albums such as Iyaman (1994). 


In 1991 he was named 'Best Male Artist' in the British Reggae Industry Awards and he enjoyed an international hit in the late 1990s with "Jah See Dem a Come”.


In 2007 he released the album 50th, featuring old rhythms from producers such as Bunny Lee, to celebrate his 50th birthday. Lovers Rocking was released in 2013, and Jones recorded material in Jamaica with Sly and Robbie and Bobby Digital for an album planned for release in 2014.

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